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Purpose of the event

The Arms- & Militaria Fair Ebernhahn provides a historical and scientific working group of people (including museum curators, amateur military historians and serious collectors) to gather information about or to sell, buy or exchange original military-historical and contemporary artifacts (according to the German law). It is intended to keep in touch with collectors and museums and to strengthen and ensure the preservation of private collections as an important source of historical research. We do not condone, apologise or ignore War Crimes and atrocities carried out in the name of the German people. We does not accept anyone with extreme political views.

Conditions of Participation for visitors

By entering the hall each visitor has committed itself to the most accurate compliance with these terms and conditions and all German laws!

On our Militaria Fair German Military Collectibles are offered exclusively for historical scientific purposes to museums, historians, researchers or serious collectors according to the german law (§§ 86, 86a StGB, WaffG, KWKG).

During the whole Event the Exhibition Management exercises the domestic authority on the whole area. Pursuant to German law (§ 1004 (1) BGB and § 123 StGB) the exhibition management is entitled to prohibit any third party to enter the hall, without special reasons. This is especially true for disturbing behavior or violation of legal rules.

Visitors under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

The sale must take place exclusively within the hall. Sales and exchanges in the parking area are not allowed.

The making of photo, video and sound recordings is strictly prohibited. If recording is exceptionally allowed by us, you can’t conclude that the publication and dissemination is permitted

The distribution and presentation of posters and flyers (even in the parking area) is only permitted with the explicit permission of the Exhibition Management.

According to the German law (§ 41 Ordensgesetz) medals and awards, which were awarded after 08/05/1945, can be issued only to authorized persons.

Exhibitors and visitors are committed to strict compliance with German §§ 86 and 86a StGB in its latest version. Items with signs of nazi-organizations may be acquired only for scientific and collector's purposes. It is not allowed to use them for propaganda purposes. We don't accept anyone with para military, ideological or extreme political views.

Arms, Edged weapons, Army weapons for war effort etc.:

According to the German law (WaffG, KWKG) Firearms and ammunition can only be submitted by authorized persons to other authorized persons. Visitors may not bring firearms into the exhibition area.

Muzzleloading guns, air guns, blank firing weapons, decorative and collector weapons (e.g. deko- and salute rifles) and edged weapons (e.g. swords, bayonets, knives ...) may only be sold to persons older than 18 years.

Firearms, edged weapons and deko-rifles may not be carried to the car without any packaging.

The possession, purchase, sale, shipment, transfer and/or use of certain types of military and non-military equipment is restricted, taxed, licensed and even forbitten by the governments od some countries. Ask for an read pertinent publications available from the Departments of Commerce of most countries.

Place of performance and jurisdiction for all disputes is the seat of the organizer “Geschichtsverein Siershahn e.V.





© Geschichtsverein Siershahn e.V.